Stay Safe and Healthy:- Eating Green Vegetables ( Alert Covid 19)

Stay safe and healthy

Stay Safe and Healthy

Stay Safe and Healthy – Your overall health is obviously important for you to have a happy atmosphere all around you, right? But these days, people usually neglect their health because of their regular hectic schedule. Your routine tasks are important but similarly, your health also. Without a good health, you cannot have a peaceful life and also, you won’t be able to work properly and efficiently.

It may seem quite hard for you to manage your time between your professionalism and your personal life but it is essential for you all. A little effort is required form your end and seriously, all your efforts would surely pay you back with positive results.

Keeping your immunity levels strong and higher is exactly what is required during this pandemic affect of corona virus. Strong immunity means your body can easily right with germs and harmful bacteria then why not working on boosting your immune system?

This is the single thing that can help you keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and perfectly healthy without getting affected because of this life-threatening disease.

Here are some of the simple and easiest immunity boosting tips you can follow during your routine tasks-

Do regular exercises to keep your body and mind fit as well as healthy

Eat only healthy food such as green vegetables, boiled food for a certain period of time to avoid getting in touch with this Corona Virus

Get adequate sleep of at least 6-8 hours

Drink plenty of fresh water to keep your body hydrated and to avoid throat problems

Tips to stay healthy and safe-

  • The most important tip for a healthy body is to eat healthy food at a proper timing
  • Avoid eating junk food
  • Having your breakfast regularly which is mandate and can help your body keeping its immunity stronger
  • Exercise also plays a vital role in keeping your body healthy.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Make fruits and vegetables a part of your daily meal.

Stay safe and healthy

How can you keep your loved ones safe and healthy?

During this pandemic effect of coronavirus, everyone is taking some precautionary measures such as wearing masks and eating healthy food or using sanitizers. Why only during this COVID-19 and not during the other time? Only an infectious disease could threaten you or force you to take care of yourself?

Is it right? Don’t you think that you are compromising with your health on your own? Yes, you need to be pro-active towards your health which is quite important for your loved ones as well. You need not have any infectious virus around to take care of yourself as it needs to be included in your routine life.

  • Your lifestyle is the major factor that must be focused and balanced to have a healthy and safe life. Social distancing has become mandatory during this situation but it should always be there among people to stop the spread of any communicative disease.
  • Wearing a mask is also a precautionary measure to keep yourself away from the smell of dust or other harmful germs/particles around you in the atmosphere whenever you may be outside anywhere. Also, masks would help you protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun during the hot sunny days.
  • Eating green vegetables have been always mandatory for all age groups to keep their eyes and hair strong. Not only eyes or hairs but your immune system and strength also remain strong by eating such healthy vegetables.
  • Drink only fresh water. These days, several areas are there where people are still facing issues with the availability of drinking water or its quality. If so, then you must start drinking boiled water which reduces the risk of dust or other harmful binders/fillers being present in the water
  • Having quality sleep is another important factor that provides you a safer and healthier life without any diseases, infections, or other serious illnesses. Lack of sleep may affect your mood as well as your working system too. You may start feeling disturbed or frustrated because of inadequate sleeping patterns.
  • You must focus on managing your regular stress and anxiety levels to keep your mind and body active, refreshed, and safer too. You can’t even imagine that stress could become a major factor or reason behind your brain failure or for putting you under depression as well. Can you even imagine such a situation? Obviously no, right?

Nothing is hard or impossible in this world of hope and possibilities all around you and thus, you need not worry for anything. Stress is obviously there in everyone’s life but it doesn’t mean that you must start avoiding your regular health.

Stay safe and healthy so that you can bring a youth having more dedication and determination towards their goals and dreams. Isn’t it sounding good? Obviously yes, right?

Don’t compromise with your health anymore and just start taking care of yourself and you would surely get a healthy life for you and your beloved ones too. It is a proven fact that you can be the only person to protect yourself and no other person can make this happen for you!!!


What are you waiting for guys? Are you waiting for the virus to affect your body? No? Then just start taking care of yourself –

  • by wearing masks while going outside,
  • by start using the sanitizers
  • avoid eating junk food
  • avoid being in contact with everyone unnecessarily
  • keep your immunity levels high
  • start doing regular exercises
  • avoid irregular routine habits such as smoking or drinking

Stay safe and healthy

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