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What is the Difference Between Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

What is the Difference Between Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Difference Fine Lines Wrinkles: There are considerable differences between fine lines and wrinkles. But most of the people use them together or interchangeably. Know the real difference between these two skin problems and then find a suitable treatment for them. These two skin problems appear in the different areas of your face and that symptoms are also different.


Fine lines are only present on the outer surface of your skin and they are only deep as much as your topmost layer of the skin. They are very small and it can be hard to find them initially. Most of the people are not able to notice that Lions forming because they are really small and fine.

Fine lines start forming in your twenties and early thirties. They developed around your eyes and mouth mostly and they are very common at the outer corners of your eyes. You can also notice small lines are creases at the corner of the mouth and around your lips.

Find line starts increasing and deepening with age because the proteins like collagen and elastin start breaking down. With the natural ageing process, these fine lines are visible on the skin. The skin starts losing the ability to smoothly return to normal shape after smiling or after making any facial expression.

Cause of fine lines

Fine Line shows that the beginning of your ageing process has started. The skin starts losing its elasticity due to various environmental factors and due to repetitive facial muscle movement which is caused by making expressions. Here we have mentioned some of the common examples:

  • When you drink from a straw, find life start forming around your mouth by the repetitive puckering of your lips.
  • People with fair skin are having more chances of fine lines and wrinkles if they are not using daily sun protection.
  • Genetics can also play a greater role in the elasticity of the skin and it can decrease or increase the chances of fine lines.
  • Smoking can also increase fine lines because it involves puckering of lips.

What is the Difference Between Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Treatment for fine lines

  • Use sunscreen on an everyday basis because it will protect you from the Sun and its harmful UV rays.
  • Start avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables and that will keep you hydrated and it can also decrease the charge of premature ageing.
  • To use only natural and 100% organic skincare products. They should be free from chemical ingredients or fillers. Stay away from the processes like micro-needling.
  • Take recommendations from expert doctors in the speed and use suitable skincare products.


Wrinkles start appearing when the fine lines are not treated properly and quickly. When the fine lines deepen enough, wrinkles start forming in some areas of the face quickly. They are mostly present in areas where there are fine lines. Areas where your skin is sagging and where your face has already suffered volume loss. Untreated wrinkles can also change in deep creases. Difference Fine Lines Wrinkles

What is the Difference Between Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

Cause of Wrinkles

The primary reason for wrinkles is ageing. With increasing age, the collagen and elastin start breaking down under the surface of your skin. This break down makes your skin less smooth, supple, and elastic. These proteins are very important for holding up your skin and prevent it from sagging. Elastin is responsible for maintaining elasticity. But when they are not present in the right amount, skin starts sagging, and face wrinkles also increase. health beauty Blog

The bad environment is also responsible for them. Dehydrated skin, sun exposure, and genetics can also increase the chances of wrinkles. Difference Fine Lines Wrinkles

Treatment for Wrinkles

Several treatments are available in the market but you need to identify the most suitable for your skin.

Dermal fillers can help in filling the lost volume in the areas of the face which are more prone to sagging. They will help in making skin smooth and deep wrinkles can also be eliminated.

FDA-approved solutions are also available for giving all the nutrients to your skin which starts depleting with increasing age. Sometimes chemical peels are also effective in removing deep wrinkles. Glycolic and trichloroacetic acid chemical peels are effective for the skin with heavy wrinkles.


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